7 Health Myths

There are a lot of myths that float around the internet either being health or fitness related. Be careful what you believe especially online as people can alter and twist this information. Reading articles or websites make sure to look and see if what people are saying is scientifically proven, if not, most likely its an opinion not a proven fact. Below I will give you 7 common Health Myths people often think are true…….but aren’t.

1. Greek Yogurt Is Bad For You


Recently, I have heard this myth a lot. People think Greek Yogurt potentially can contribute to lactose intolerance, hormonal imbalances, potential acne, and even weight gain. WOAH? I eat greek yogurt 5/7 days a week is this true!?!?! Okay. Let me break it down, having an excess of ANY food is bad, even if its technically a “healthy” food product. With that being said, having too much greek yogurt (i.e. 2+ cups a day which you probably don’t do) it could possibly lead to these symptoms. With any dairy product, you’re at risk for lactose intolerance, most of the foods we eat have added hormones, and if you eat a non or low fat yogurt this can reduce side affects of weight gain. BUSTED! If you’re worried about greek yogurt and getting any of these symptoms try a low or non fat yogurt, make sure you’re always reading the ingredients of your foods and checking the sugar content and fat in this product. Each and every food affects everyones bodies differently. Remember an excess of any food is bad for you.

2. Squatting Hurts Your Knees


Doctors, parents, coaches, have all lived off this myth. SURPRISE! Squatting doesn’t hurt your knees, but actually helps your knees. Squatting is proven to deterr knee related injuries. When performed properly, this type of weight training strengthens the connective tissue, muscles, bones, ligaments. or tendons. This means GET LOW in your squats ladies and gents. It is also proven stopping your squat above parallel puts more tension on your joints. Go low and go parallel to avoid injuries.

3. Eating Fat Makes You Fat


Your body loves fat. You need fat from foods to help absorb vitamins and fat keeps you warm!! NOW…hold up. You need good fats. What are good fats though? Unsaturated fats including polyunsaturated and monounsaturated these, in moderation, replace trans fats and could potentially lower cholesterol levels reducing risk of heart disease. It is the empty calories that make you “fat”. It is the potato chips and gummy worms that have no health benefits to your body that contribute to weight gain. So don’t think fat makes you fat, you need fat in your bodies!!!!

4. Cardio Makes You Loose Mass


Cardio doesn’t hurt your ability to loose muscle, but in some ways might help you GAIN muscle! If you do not consume enough calories or macros and incorporate cardio of course, your body will first attack your muscles in result. Cardio doesn’t burn muscle mass your diet + cardio will. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, doing 20-30 minutes of cardio increases blood flow and helps muscles rebuild faster. HIIT, high intensity interval training is a series of exercises back to back with little to no rest which is good for your heart (cardio) while building muscle! Or even interval sprints, sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 1-2 minutes in between each interval. Make sure you’re eating enough for your muscles to repair and you will not loose muscle from cardio sessions!

5. More Protein Builds Muscles Faster


Okay, this is a common misconception. Consuming too much of anything is harmful, remember? Protein helps build muscles, but is there such a thing as too much protein? Studies show adding more protein but not more calories or exercise to your diet won’t help you build more muscle mass but put other bodily functions under stress. To build muscle you need 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Proteins are the building blocks life, but too much protein is not beneficial, and will not help you build muscle faster. If you’re looking to gain weight this might be the option for you, but still has health risks associated with it. If you eat too much protein it will convert excess to fat or energy resulting in potential weight gain.

6. Don’t Eat After 6 p.m


Honestly, this is my favorite myth. Its about what you eat not when you eat the foods you do. Eating more meals can help boost your metabolism and manage cravings ESPECIALLY at night. Don’t rid yourself of the foods you want to eat because it is after 6 pm. If you are hungry, your body is telling you need to refuel. Not eating after 6 contributes of the morning “starved” feeling. There is no specific time you should stop and start eating, eat when you are hungry do not restrict yourself based on myths from the internet.

7. Eggs Are Bad For You


You probably heard this off of What The Health….eye roll. Blood-Cholesterol levels to plummet, high in fat, is it true? Eggs are full of nutritional benefits, they are a great source of protein and omega-3-fatty acids. Cholesterol is not all that bad for you after all, it helps make testosterone, and build more muscle. Trans fat have a much greater influence on blood cholesterol. Eggs are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, with everything eat in moderation. Egg whites are also a food alternative if you are looking for health benefits of eggs without the yolk and lower fat.

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