How to Improve Your Lifestyle

Where Do I Start?

If you are making diet changes, or beginning your fitness journey, my first piece of advice is DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. This, is such a crucial and important statement to remind yourself mentally. The fitness and health industry has a huge platform across all of social media with these perfect women and men we see and stare at every single day either on instagram, or twitter. We see these extremely huge men lifting 200 pounds and these extremely fit women with perfectly sculpted abs and no cellulite on their legs. “Why can’t I look like that?” You can look like that. Remember, everyone starts somewhere and you can too. These icons started just where you and I both started. You have to work for what you want in life, your health and body is included. Let me show you something…


This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Flattering? NO. Amazing to see and know I worked for this? YES. The best part about this whole photo is this was only in the course of two months people. Two. It took two months of clean eating and exercising 4-5 times a week to jurastically change my figure like this. The biggest thing people struggle with is not knowing how or where to begin. I will give you some tips I have used to help me throughout my journey.

Start Small

Don’t jump right in to eating broccoli and chicken everyday plus exercising 7 days a week. When you go from eating less nutrient dense food to nutrient dense food it does more than change the appearance of your body. It changes your hormones and chemical functions in your body. Going cold turkey will make you crave those foods you love and will get old quick meaning, you’ll lose your motivation quicker and start your old bad habits again. Starting small to create these healthy habits will make for a more enjoyable and sustainable healthy lifestyle. Start by cutting out soda, candy, ice cream, something you know you eat too much of and is contributing to either weight gain or bad diet. Don’t try to out train your bad diet. Start by going to the gym 2-3 times a week to get more comfortable with the weights, and the machines you’re using. Incorporate 10 minutes of cardio at the beginning or end of your training and build up your time intervals as you progress.

Find An Exercise Program

When you’re new to the fitness world, getting into the gym and seeing all the weights and machines and not knowing their functions can be very intimidating. We’ve all been there. Find an exercise program you find suitable for your schedule and skill level. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Katy Hearn’s fitness challenges. Yes, they do cost money but if you want to start your healthy lifestyle journey and don’t know a lot information about it, programs like these are filled with useful information from experienced people. ALTERNATIVELY, if you are looking for a FREE fitness program offers many programs certified and professional body builders and personal trainers make for both men and women of all skills.

Do Your Research

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research. You don’t have to be an expert, but learning the basic anatomy of your body such as your muscles will be very useful while working out to understand and know what muscles are being targeted during each exercise. Research healthy foods, the affects of these foods, because without a proper diet your fitness goals will not be maximized. It is crucial to understand the difference between bad foods and good foods. Research how to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight. The difference between Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, TDEE, BMR, all these terms people use that you have no idea what it means. Doing this research will help you get a better understanding of how you can reach your full potential.

Give It All You Got

Motivate yourself. If this means buying those adidas’s or cute outfit, whatever works for you. Remember why you started your journey and why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Make time to eat healthy and go to the gym, don’t make excuses for yourself. We all have hectic, busy lives it’s how you manage and prioritize these things. Keep a calendar to keep track of your schedule figuring out when you can hit the gym and manage to go to the grocery store or get your homework done. You make time for the things you want. Take photos of yourself, you are used to seeing yourself everyday that when you look at yourself you may view you haven’t made progress but you actually really have. Take before and after pictures to compare monthly where you’re headed to either make diet changes or continue your path. If you put in the work you WILL see results, I promise. No one can make you want to work out or eat better, you have to want this change for yourself.


Oh baby do I love this one. Balance. We all have off days, off weeks, cheat weekends, cheat meals, this is KEY. Why? Because THIS IS A LIFESTYLE NOT A DIET. One more time, this is a lifestyle not a diet. Incorporate healthy habits for the rest of your life to improve the quality of your life, for the sake of both your mental and physical health. It is especially important to have a cheat meal to wake your metabolism, reduce your cravings, or regulate hormones. As well as an off day to let your muscles repair in order for them to rebuild. So don’t beat yourself up for having a cookie or a slice of pizza. Having this balance between foods and exercise makes a healthy lifestyle better.

Change Up Your Plans

Switch up your exercises and the foods you eat. Muscle memory is a thing, so if you do the same exercises over and over your body gets used to this movement and it doesn’t help strengthen or build your muscles. Eating the same foods every day limits your taste buds and your nutrition. There are SO many great selections of healthy food options, don’t limit yourself to the amazing nutrients each food has to offer you because you could be missing out on nutrients your body needs. Switching up your plans also keeps things interesting and more enjoyable. Switch up your macros, especially if you aren’t seeing results. You know your body better than anyone else so do not let websites tell you you need to specifically eat x,y,z every single day to lose weight, etc. Everyone is different and has different body compositions, makeup, therefore one thing that might work for someone else might not for another. SHAKE IT UP!







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