7 Exercises To Target Back Fat


Working your back muscles is over looked, especially by women. If I told you growing your back muscles gave the illusion of a smaller waist, would you still overlook it? ITS TRUE! Working your lats (latissimus dorsi, your largest back muscle) and growing those back muscles gives the illusion of a smaller, skinnier waist. Not only does it give this illusion, but working these muscles help target that stubborn back fat we all hate (ya know, when it hangs over your sports bra…girl we all deal with this you’re not alone) Lets tackle this together! I will give you 7 of my favorite exercises that target your upper body to create a more sculpted, well defined back.

1. DB Reverse Flys (seated)

DB reverse flys.jpg
Lying on a bench frontward, start with your palms facing upward, keeping your palms facing upward the whole time. Squeeze your upper back at point B slowly lowering the weight down to point A. Targets: Posterior Deltoid, Traps, Lats, Rhomboids

2. Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

straight arm lat pulldown.jpg
Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bent forward, chest up, place bar on highest setting and straight arms above head on bar, tighten your core and pull down bar (straight arms the whole time) towards your thighs 

3. Barbell Deadlift

I know what you’re thinking, barbell deadlift for back!? Yes. The ultimate compound exercise working your legs and helps strengthen your back muscles. It hits the entire posterior chain from your calves to your traps. 

4. Bent Over Barbell Row

You can have an overhand grip as well as an underhand grip for this exercise. Chest up and bent forward, keep elbows tucked into your side. Start with straight arms and pull barbell up to the upper part of your stomach squeezing your back muscles. Targets: Middle back, lats, delts, traps 

5. Row’s

T-Bar Row, straddling bar chest up and back inclined, with straight arms pull bar up towards your chest while elbows tucked into side. Target: Lats, Traps, Teres major

wide grip
Wide Grip Seated Row or you can do close grip seated rows. Your grips are crucial on back day to target those muscles in your back. With straight arms keep back straight, bend upper body forward and pull bar towards chest extending elbows backwards. Target: Lats, Rhomboids, Traps

6. Pulldowns

Close grip lat pulldown. Grip is underhand and close together, with straight arms and grip pull bar down towards chest slowly extending back to the top. Target: Lats

wide grip
Wide grip lat pulldowns. Overhand grip, straight arms pull bar down toward chest, elbows in, squeezing lats. Target: Lats

7. Barbell Shrugs

Barbell Shrugs are good for building your traps. There is no moving the barbell in this movement, only your shoulders upward squeezing your trap muscles. Target: Traps


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