Affordable Active Fashion

Best Active Wear For Your Buck

What’s a better motivation to get in the gym than looking cute and fashionable while you’re doing it? Looking good in the gym is a choice, by no means am I saying you have to look good and go to the gym. BUT for my ladies, getting in shape and having a cute gym outfit makes for a good workout. Lets be honest, being broke high school/college kids and fitting Lululemon $98 legging into the budget is not ideal. No worries though, I am here to save the day and give you some options where you can shop for your gym attire to get the best long wearing, affordable and cute outfits!

Online Shopping:

∴ Amazon

I have purchased two leggings and 2 cropped sweatshirts off of Amazon, and I wear them more than I wear my most expensive options.

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∴ Forever 21

Forever 21 has gym clothes?!?!? Yes, and they are so cute and SO cheap!

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∴ Victoria’s Secret

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…..Victoria’s Secrets is not cheap. BUT they always have sales going on and a super cute active line.

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Stores With Amazing Priced Gym Attire:

  • Tj Maxx
  • Discount Fashion Warehouse
  • Gap Outlet
  • Burlington Coat Factory

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